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Résumé of Nóri Kovács

Nóri Kovács – One of the most well-known and professionally recognized performers in the genre of folk and world music, with more than fifteen years of experience.
During this period, she has collaborated on more than thirty records and released 13 solo albums.

Among them is the folk music album “Mondanék én valamit”, which was selected by the New Folk Sound foreign music magazine as one of the best 10 Hungarian folk music albums of the year 2006.

She worked with bands and names like Transglobal Underground from London (A gathering of strangers album), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, Péter Wolf and the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra (Lelkem szárnyai), with the MR2 Szimfonikusok, András Berecz (Sinka ének, Rokonok söre), Motiva (Ez a világ, Neked szól,  Átölel a szerelem), Rajkó Orchestra, Fecó Balázs (Összetartozunk), Miklós Varga (Nimród regéje). 

Her name is associated with the Magyarország Imázs-dal, “Repülj madár”. 

She is the official cultural face of the Hungarian cultural delegation of the European Union, who represented Hungary at a number of European Union events, including in Brussels, but also at several prominent Hungarian events. From the United States of America through Canada to Moscow or China, she has been giving concerts and has been working on creating a strong cultural bond within the local Hungarian communities with great success. The result of this work is that she keeps in touch with several Hungarian consuls living abroad and attends their events.

In 2000, she was awarded the “Young Master of Folk Art” by the Hungarian State.

kovacs nori

Her folk music roots go back to the eighties, she sings folk songs on numerous compilation albums (Táncháztalálkozó, Táncház-Népzene, Új élő népzene).

She regularly travels to Transylvania to collect folk songs, she has already been accompanied by the crew of Duna TV. Her work is tracked by Duna TV, and her big church concerts at Christmas, Easter and Pentecost have been recorded and broadcast on television.

She has given concerts with various folk and world music formations at almost all major Hungarian festivals, as well as at MÜPA and László Papp Sports Arena. For example, she sang the Anthem at the final match of Stadion Albert Flórián.

Message about my music:

“Genres live in complex symbiosis in my style. Exciting experimentation among traditional, popular and classical music.

In my opinion, it is also important to keep the traditional sound, so my folk music motifs are based on pure sources. I regularly visit the villages of Transylvania and other regions, search for and collect the tunes that are still alive, incorporate them into my music and make them a contemporary genre which enter the public domain.

An essential part of my show is the high music quality. I often sing my own compositions: these reflect my spiritual world, my feelings. The peculiarity of all of these lies in the fact that I sing pop, jazz, or folk music, adding a chiseled, authentic tone to my music, giving my listener a special experience which includes the younger and the oldest generations as well, which shows me I am on my way: there is a growing need for modern sound that builds on our folk traditions and pure sources.

I would like to go that route. ”

kovacs nori

Prizes and distinctions:

  • 2017. Prize for Hungarian Culture
  • 2017. Singer of the Year 2016 (at the suggestion of the Hungarikum Committee)
  • 2017. Good Services Ambassador at the Károlyi István Children’s Center in Fót
  • 2016. Her work has been declared a National Value by the Hungarian State
  • 2014. SASR Samaritan Poor Hospital Founder Award
  • 2014. She was awarded the Prize for the Culture of Ócsa
  • 2013. Winner of the 2013 Transilvanian Music Awards – Folk / World category
  • In 2000, she was recognized by the Hungarian State with the Young Master of Folk Art Award